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      • I meet some cool puppy today
        Breakfast in four corners at Paddington

      • My Town

      • Super Model
        I went for a walk in my post surgery, I'm feeling good

        I should be a professional model ,don't you think?

      • After Surgery

      • Before Desex
        Oh La la Today is the day...I'm not ready but what can I do?
        This photo was taken at 7:30 am

      • Office's Stairs
        I’m not allow to go upstairs yet however I managed to start claiming up, I can’t go dawn by myself yet; I love the stairs because give me a better looking around the office and see that everybody is working hard in their computers, sometime is siesta time for me, it's hard work to control e

      • Hawaii Shooping for Auggie

        I was in holidays for 12 days with my dear mentor and Coach Peter; in the mean time someone was doing my shopping in Hawaii but Australian Customs and Border Protection didn’t allow them to brought me my Hawaiian treats buuu anyway I got a lot of presents.

      • My milk canine finally fall out

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